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21 Times That The Guy Who Bullied Gay Kids In HS Later Came Out
You hated your high school years because of this one student who would go out of his way to make your life miserable. After high school though, you part ways and get relief out of knowing you don't have to see that person again. At least that's what you thought anyway. While swiping through Tinder, you realize that your high school bully is also gay and it's a match...

Everyone has their secrets.

Believe it or not: I'm gay and I just matched on tinder with the #1 bully of my early teenages!
I just hooked up with the guy that used to bully me in high school for being gay.
I usedto be kind of a bully. I usedto call some guys gay just because theywere sensitive and now when I look back I hate the person I was. And now I like a boy who I used to bully and he hasn't forgot


The twink I use to bully for being gay became my boyfriend after we graduated High School
One guy got into my social media once (in high school before MySpace and FB) and started posting gay porn sites saying I was gay and changing my pw. He was known as straight in HS. Not anymore.
Yes. In my Baptist private school a girl picked on me for being the new girl in 6th grade. Turns out, she's lesbian now.
A guy used to shove me into my locker and throw my books on the floor daily and call me gay. Started when I was 8 (he was the year above me).

Now we're dating 😂


Irony is when you match with your high school bully on grindr who bullied you for being gay... 😂
A girl bullied me/my ex girlfriend every day in high school for holding hands and being "ugly dykes". We were both femme.
She came out as a butch lesbian a little after graduation & apologized to me.
I was a bully and I am bi. Yes, yes alright I should die and burn in hell. Blah blah blah. 

I like one of the guys I used to insult because he is kinda cute.
Yeah - we're both girls. She was nasty to me whenever I had a bf and nice when I didn't. She came out the week after graduation.


Omfg yes! This girl in my elementary school use to be such a bully turns out she's lesbian now.
The girls that made fun of me for having a gay sister are now gay.
What a surprise.
My former bully recently came out and is in a cute relationship with a girl now. She's really turned around.
Yes. Was bullied for being a lesbian (I'm straight) because I wouldn't get changed in front of the other girls for PE. Turns out the 2 instigators were gay.

That's surprising.

Actually transfered schools because of her after she found out my mom is lesbian. Found her on Facebook years later and she's a lesbian.
When you find out one of the guys who used to bully you for being not hetero is gay as hell. 


Glad he's accepted himself.
My gay male best friend just got Grindr messages from the guy in middle/high school who used to bully him about being gay...😬
My bully of 2 years  confessed that he only hurt me because he had feelings for me and didn't know how to cope with them. He's finally accepting that he's gay
The guy who bullied me for being gay is now with another man. Everyone keeps saying they're so happy for him. 
Bitch where's my happiness? You made my life a literal hell


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