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Men Tell All: The Subtle Signs That Show When They're In Love
Falling in love can happen so gradually that, in the moment, it may be hard to even tell that it's happening. But what are the moments that hit you and make you realize that you not only think you're in love, but you are, in fact, in love? These 19 men reveal exactly how they know their feelings have crossed over into love. Read on to learn the signs.

When you're in love, you want the world to know.

I know I'm in love with her because I can't stop posting about how much I love her.

Cheating is out of the equation.

People ask how I know I'm in love with her... She's the first one I don't think to cheat on.

Who were you before them?

My girlfriend makes me go crazy to the point where I forget who I am. That's how I know I'm in love with her.

The future looks promising.

I know I'm in love with her because she is the first and last person in mind everyday... No matter what I do she is always on my mind... She is the only one I can see as the mother of my children...

You exude happiness.

I know I'm in love with her when even the thought of how lovely she is makes me smile and puts me in a good mood all day

You can't get them out of your mind.

I know I'm in love with her because when I'm not with her she's all I think about. When I'm not around her my body aches and my heart hurts. I'm completely in love with her.