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17 Real Life Times People Communicated With Ghosts
Do you believe?

I've seen and talked to ghosts before. I can summon then when I want but they can't talk back, only make eye contact. I told my mom and she thought I was crazy at first but now believes me.
I can see and speak with the dead, and I hate it when people tell me how cool it is.  Hello I was trying to sleep before you entered my body unwelcome!! Damn spirits of the dead need to stay away.
I've had a 6th sense ever since I was a child. Spirits coexist in our world. Some are good and some are evil. I try not to communicate with them because they have capabilities to cause havoc.
When I was a kid, I used to see and communicate with ghosts. I still do.

I know you skeptics won't believe me but I know what I saw and talk to
I can see and communicate with the dead and I'm extremely uncomfortable in holy places.
I love my ability to talk to ghosts. I played with a lady as a child that died in my old house. She couldnt have children. She is like my 3rd mom to me. She is still here with me 😄😄😄