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True Life: I Went To 'Gay Prom' And Had The Most Fabulous Time
Since the 1990's, organizations have been throwing "Gay Proms" for those under the LGBTQ umbrella. These parties are held to allow the participants enjoy a judgement-free prom, unlike the ones many had in high school. Although events vary, the nights tend to include dancing, music and loads of acceptance from everyone in the room. No same-sex couple will be stared at for dancing at this party! Whisper users who have attended Gay Prom share their most memorable experiences. These confessions are a reminder that love is love.

Keeping it safe.

I went to gay prom last night and there was a huge bowl of condoms in the middle of the candy table... 
The food was pretty good too!


Dancing with my future fiance was the best part of gay prom for me :)

The struggle can be so real.

My favorite thing from gay prom was that me and my girlfriend could go to prom and not be judged or harassed. People don't realize how hard it can be sometimes.

Who knew?

I became prom king at gay prom!! Never knew I would acquire such a title LOL

Sometimes it just takes a minute.

Gay prom was fun. At first everyone was just sitting awkwardly at tables. However, by the end it was a rave.

Safety first.

The prom I went to was called Queer Prom and they passed out condoms. Pretty smart idea if you ask me, since we all know what happens after prom...