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Why These Women Refuse To Wear Their Wedding Rings
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Your body doesn't agree with them.

I'm married, and don't wear a ring because I'm super sensitive to metals and I hate the feel of silicon. My husband wears an engagement and wedding ring though

You're married, not dead.

Sometimes I don't wear my wedding ring because I like the attention I get

If only they really knew...

I lie to everyone. I don't wear my wedding ring because I want to talk to guys. Everyone thinks it doesn't fit me anymore. It fits fine.

One of the symptoms of pregnancy.

Yes, I;m married and don't wear a wedding ring. But it's mostly because I'm pregnant and it doesn't fit me anymore.

It's not for everyone.

Just because I don't wear a wedding ring, does not mean I'm not happily married. I just hate jewelry.

The sizing is a bit off.

So, I'm married, but I don't wear my wedding ring a lot because it's too big for me and it falls off.