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From Babies To Books: 17 Confessions From Single Mothers In College
Forget about frat parties, dorm life and skipping class because you're too hungover. These ladies have more priorities than writing essays and passing the next exam. If you thought being a student was hard, think again. As if being a single parent wasn't hard enough, these bold women are conquering the whole college thing on top of it. Spoiler alert: it's anything but easy. These confessions reveal what it's like to be a double duty parent while making grades. The big question is, when do they sleep?

We all just want to fit in.

I don't fit in anywhere. I'm a full time college student at a big university & I work part time on campus. I'm also a full time single mom. I don't fit in with my classmates or with other moms. It's incredibly lonely.

When duty calls.

I'm a full time college student and a single mother. 
I cook, bake, sew, clean...and I have to sell drugs to pay the bills.


Being a single mother and full time college student makes dating difficult as can be. Although, nothing is better than nights spent cuddling my son until we fall asleep. He's my definition of love.

The hustle is real.

I barely get to see my son because I'm a single mother and a full-time college student. 
I feel like giving up every day, but I don't because I want to give him the world.

Mothers make the biggest sacrifices for their kids.

I'm a single mom and I'm going to college for something I have no interest in. I just want to someday provide a better life for my kids.

The struggle.

Being a college student and single mother with a minimum wage job sucks sometimes. Even when I'm kid free, I'm too broke to go get a few drinks :(