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Awkward Situations Where Your Parents Just Assume You're Gay
Sometimes our parents get a little too involved in our dating lives. They want to see us happy and they are usually curious about who the special person in our life could be. For these straight people, their parent's curiosity turned into assumptions when they wrongly assumed that they were gay. These confessions will remind you that things aren't always what they seem.

That probably hurt for the both of you.

My dad just asked me if I'm gay because I'm 20 and never had a girlfriend.
"No dad, I'm just short, ugly and we're poor"
He started crying... I feel bad.

Sneaky, sneaky!

My parents think I'm gay. I just like musical theatre because it's an easy way to get girls

Best not to rush such things.

I've never had a boyfriend because I'm not ready for it. Now my mom thinks I'm a lesbian.

I just turned 16

Going way too far here.

My mom is convinced I'm gay because I don't have a girlfriend. So she's making me date her friend's son because "I shouldn't be afraid of who I am".

The prank that keeps on pranking.

My parents think I'm gay, because of my cousin's "hilarious" prank to put gay porn on my computer, god damn it.

Sounds like drama.

So... my mom thinks I'm a lesbian because I wouldn't tell her who I was dating. Even though I said 'He'. I just didn't want to say he was 13 years older than me.