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17 Insane Reasons Girls Have Gotten "Dress Coded"
Do you think dress codes are sexist? These 17 people are questioning their violations, saying they would never happen to guys. From bra straps to holes in jeans, the reasons they got cited may concern you. Not convinced? Read more:

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My schools dress code states that a girls shoulder is inviting.

For real??

My dumbest dress code violation was i had to push the shoulder part of my sleeve down a bit to show my shoulder due to a bad cut, needed to make sure it didn't bleed through the wrap per dr.  orders

I bet guys are allowed to show their arms.

My school's dress code is out of control. I got in trouble for a tank top, but guys can wear a shirt with a half naked girl on it.

Double standard much?

I hate dress code. I got in trouble for my shoulder showing but cheerleaders walk around in booty shorts??

Since when is fashion a crime?

I once got in trouble with the principal of my catholic school for "dressing too stylishly"

I was only "too stylish" bc I was trying to follow the dress code. Smh.

Getting in trouble is the new black.

I got in trouble for wearing black to school....I guess it's not allowed? The school dress code says nothing about it.
Oh, and I had to get my father to drop off a new shirt for me....
Wft school

How could this be considered too revealing ever?

I wore a hoodie to school once.
I went into my first block class and got sent to the principal's office because I was wearing a hoodie. Why.

AKA no fun.

We weren't allowed to have designs on the back pockets of our jeans and a counselor noticed pointed it out, later on got suspended for a few days because of it.

Not. Cool.

We need feminism because my friend got "dress-coded" in gym for wearing yoga pants. There is nowhere in the handbook that says we can't. The teacher didn't want the boys to be distracted by her.


Was dress coded during class and made to get my jacket from my car to cover up the back of this dress, resulting in me missing the  notes.  So glad my outfit is worth more than my education


When she got dress coded for short shorts my friend pretended she was scared of pants so she didn't have to change. 😂

Makes sense.

Today in my high school, I got dress coded because one of my bra straps was showing. 

My solution? 

I just took off my bra entirely.

This feels sexist...

My school dress coded me for wearing a flannel..."only boys can wear flannels at school" mm yeah lemme point out that rule in the handbook -.-

Do they want these girls to sweat to death?

Was dress-coded because my cardigan wasn't covering my bra straps, meanwhile it was hot outside and girls were wearing short shorts... But no, I'm the problem.

She has a point...

The dress code is dumb. I was walking next to this guy who was wearing a shirt with a naked lady. He didn't get dress coded, but I did. All dress code does is promote rape because "men will be men."😩

Fight the man!

I got dress coded at my school today because my punk vest was inappropriate.
There's no vulgarity or phallic imagery on my vest at all. They just wanted to nitpick at what I was wearing. Another reason to hate school.

Sounds like the guys are the ones with a problem...

I got dress coded because I was wearing a romper and every guy was staring (it wasn't even short) 😒
I once got in trouble at my middle school for breaking dress code, because I had a hole on my pants knee, and it was considered "sexual"

Midriff is questionable.

At  formal I got dress coded  for my stomach showing how stupid is that?

A disappointing reality.

I got dress coded @ school for wearing a strapless dress... omg yeah lets teach females that they can't dress freely because "boys will be boys" :/


They Got Detention For WHAT?