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15 People Reveal The Rudest Things Relatives Said To Them At A Family Function
Rarely are people excited to be going to a large family event. Reunions, functions, and parties alike all end up the same way: you sit in the corner wondering how much wine is acceptable to drink and when the soonest, most appropriate time to leave would be. At least that's how it goes for most people. One thing you can always count on at one of these festivities is the bombardment of personal questions and inappropriate remarks from family members who haven't seen you in a while. The best you can do when cornered by a relative asking about your personal life is survive, no matter the cost.

She can explain...

Last night at a family party, my aunt asked me very loudly why I always show up with a different guy to these things. Me and my boyfriend had a long awkward conversation after that.

Just roll with it...

Went to a family function today at the park and everyone congratulated me on my pregnancy. I didn't have the heart to tell them I had just gained a bunch of weight

When grandma reflects on the past...

I didn't go to a family function this year because last year my grandma told me I reminded her of her prostitute friend she had back in the 30's.

0 - 100 real quick

My mom told everyone at our family reunion that I lost my virginity to a guy I barely know..

Now they all now the story of HOW, WHEN and WHERE I lost it

Place your bets.

Just found out that my family had a bet that out of 16 cousins I would be the gay one.

That explains why no one was happy the first time I took a girl to a family party.

Awkward level: 100

I invited my guy friend to a family function and they made jokes about our future "swirl" babies. It was so inappropriate and I'm embarrassed.