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17 Awesome Parents Who Let Their Kids Bend Gender Norms
Parenting done RIGHT

I let my son wear a dress... because women are worth emulating too!
I let my son play with "girl toys" and my daughter play with "boys toys". If they can both do the "man's work" and the "woman's work" then they don't need to rely on anyone.
I let my daughter play with boy toys and dress up in superhero clothes. Tomboys rock
My son plays with dolls and trucks. He likes pink and blue. He's just as likely to mimic mommy doing her makeup as grandpa getting ready to go hunting. He's not confused he's 2.
I was told yesterday that I'm letting women down because I like superheroes and let my daughter dress up as Batman....some people really are a bit dim!!
I'm fine with my son playing with dolls and my daughter playing with trucks as long as they don't play on their iPad 24/7