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15 Shocking Confessions From Expectant Parents Disappointed By The Gender Of Their Child
As a parent, you're expected to love every aspect of your children from conception and on. But the reality is that parents don't always have positive feelings about pregnancy, birth and raising their kids. There are frustrations and disappointments, as these 15 parents-to-be show as they discuss their less-than-happy reactions to the gender of their unborn children. Here's what they had to say about it in these brutally honest confessions.

What happens when you find out your unborn child isn't the gender you were hoping for?

Yesterday I found out that I'm having a boy and not a girl like we previously thought. 
I feel guilty but I'm a little sad. It's not that I'm sad that he's a boy, I'm disappointed that it's not a girl

Sometimes there are some serious hard feelings.

I was disappointed when I found out I was having a girl. I'll pay for the thing but I'd rather not deal with responsibilities.

Some parents have high hopes for their first born.

just found out today I'm having a girl.

It's not that I'm disappointed, but I was praying for my first to be a boy..😔

Sometimes it just takes a little time.

Found out I'm having a girl. A little disappointed honestly. 

What are some good things about baby girls?
I want to be happy about it.

It takes some getting used to.

How do I get my husband excited that we're having a second little girl? He's disappointed. He really wanted a boy this time

Those aren't happy tears.

I cried when we found out I'm having a girl. Sonogram tech thought I was crying because I was happy. Actually cried because I was disappointed baby wasn't a  boy.