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These Crazy Weed Experiences Will Leave You Cracking Up
Smoking too much weed can make you do crazy, unusual things. These pot smokers can recall the craziest and silliest things they have done after hitting the bong a little too hard. Read on for some funny tales about getting high as a kite and forgetting how to function like a proper human.


Once I went in a Starbucks drive thru and completely passed the point where you order. I was incredibly stoned!

Epic fail.

In high school I threw a rock at a car window. I was extremely stoned and acting like a fool! I got arrested for it. I was in police custody for 6 hours before my parents came to get me

You live, you learn.

Once I was in the drive thru at McDonald's, paid for my food then drove off without it.

Don't drive and smoke weed, kids. You'll forget your nuggets and be very mad when you get home!!


I ate dog food once when I was extremely high. It was the only thing my mom had at her place! It wasn't too bad, actually...


Once, while super high, I waited in the drive through at a closed restaurant for a time I’m embarrassed to say. 

*face palm*

RIP ice cream.

I got super high and had some treats delivered. Then I fell asleep eating coffee ice cream . Woke up to coffee soup 3 hours later.