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True Life: What It's Like To Live With Tokophobia
Tokophobia is a pathological fear of childbirth or pregnancy. Those with this condition have a hard time being around pregnant women and certainly have a hard time in delivery rooms! This unusual fear is more common than you'd think. These confessions paint a picture of what life is really like living with this condition.


I think I might have tokophobia. Just thinking about pregnancy and childbirth makes me anxious. Sometimes I think I'd rather be dead than pregnant.


I hate women who try to have babies idk why. It might have to do with my tokophobia. It's just every time I see a pregnant women I gag and secretly hope they get a miscarriage. Stop getting offended, jeeze..

Our families always have an opinion on everything.

Everyone in my family gets super pissed when I say that I don't want to go through pregnancy and that I'd rather adopt or do surrogacy. Tokophobia is taking over my life.

Not every women is keen on carrying a child.

I've had extreme tokophobia. I don't want some parasites living inside me for nine months and changing my already messed up body. I have a lot of health issues as it is.

Complicated to say the least.

My boyfriend and I used protection, but it failed and now I'm pregnant. I'm getting an abortion, but he doesn't want me to. Even though he knows we're not fit to be parents and I have tokophobia.

Quite the request.

I have extreme tokophobia and my sister knows it. Eight months ago, she asked me to be a surrogate for her and I said no. She refuses to talk to me still.We were close and I miss her.