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Jokes On You: People Reveal Their Best Clapbacks To Their Bullies
Getting bullied is terrible and often takes a toll on those who have been bullied. However, there's nothing better than a good comeback or living well to prove to your bully that they really aren't "all that". These people reveal the time they had the ultimate clap back for their bully. From quick remarks to killing it in life, these confessions show that revenge is always possible. Remember: truly happy people don't bully others.

Kindness always prevails.

In my freshmen year, a junior whom everyone was scared of tried to bully me, but I thanked him and patted him on the back 😂

Thanks for the idea!

One time some guys in my class were trying to bully me and they said my earrings looked like screws.

So I bought a set of earrings that actually looked like screws.

Jokes on him.

This guy was bullying me for being a lesbian 
I am now dating his sister

Poor Evan.

I'm doing supply at a school close to me. I saw a cleaner today. Someone who used to bully me at school and say I'd end up working at McDonald's. I said, "WHO'S THE ONE WITH THE BETTER JOB NOW, EVAN?"


My officemates are bullying me. They don't know I am plotting my revenge by resigning and leaving them with all these work.
Burn baby burn!

Karma is real.

A couple of guys used to bully me in high school. 10 years later I became the boss of a large company and now they all work for me. I almost feel bad for how miserable I make their lives.