Good man.

My boyfriend got up with my son, changed his diaper, fed him, and watched cartoons with him...all while he let me sleep. Wow.

Who doesn't love a fairy tale?

My daughter loves Ariel & my boyfriend name is Eric.

She thinks he is her Prince Charming.

It's the little things.

Boyfriend playing with my daughter and son.
Boyfriend - I will give you 10 seconds to run then I'm gonna chase you.
Then they both come running through the kitchen screaming haha

Nice to see them getting along.

I love knowing that my daughter and little sister adore my girlfriend. I woke up to her sitting at the table coloring with my daughter. God she's so perfect.💗😍

How sweet.

I've been with my boyfriend for two years. Tonight his six year old daughter crawled in bed with us and told me she loved me. I have never cried so hard.


My son called my boyfriend "dad" this morning and I nearly started crying