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23 People Who Came Out Of The Closet Completely By Accident
Some people have really dramatic, emotional, coming out stories. Others it was more casual, and some people never really had to come out at all because it was so obvious. But then you have people who didn't come out, they fell out. Luckily, most of their friends and family were super cool about it.

Gotta remember to clear that Netflix history!

Did a lesbian marathon on Netflix. Parents saw all the suggested movies/shows. That's how I came out to my parents.☺️😁🙌🏽

Double coming out!

I got drunk once when I was out of the country to where I texted my friend and came out on accident to her through snapchat and she had to remind me that night that she was gay too and not to worry

Things just slip out...

I came out to my mom on accident cuz she said "tell me something i dont know" and i said "well, im trans" there was a moment of weird silence (ftm)

Blame the drugs.

I accidentally came out as gay to my parents when I was tripping balls after my wisdom teeth were removed.


I accidentally came out to my mom yesterday. We were at the mall and while I was trying on clothes she saw my tattoo that was a lesbian symbol. She was mad at the fact that I secretly got the tattoo, not because I was lesbian🙌🏼😂😂

Pepperoni please.

How I came out to my sister: she walked in on my girlfriend and I making out.  I said "surprise" and she rolled her eyes and asked what kind of pizza I wanted.