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19 Unfortunate Times Hair Bleaching Didn't Go As Planned
Every box of bleach should come with a warning: Do Not Try This At Home. Dying your own hair never goes well, and these people learned that lesson the hard way. Read these confessions before trying to go blond and thank us later.

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Orange you glad it didn't fall out?

I tried bleaching the red out of my hair and it turned orange...


Almost caught my hair on fire while bleaching my hair and making toast last night 😣 don't drink and dye!

When your mom's the worst.

I tried bleaching my hair and it turned orange. My mom wouldn't let me fix it so I went to school with orange hair

Wonder how that interview went...

I tried bleaching my hair from purple to more natural color so I could get a job. It turned pink instead. Wtf.

Beauty is pain?

I tried bleaching my hair by myself for the first time I accidentally burned my back

Mistakes happen.

I tried to bleach my hair and now it's yellow. Woops.

Could be worse.

I tried to bleach my hair myself.
It did absolutely nothing, I look like I got a few VERY minor highlights. But nothing else.

Hate it when this happens.

Had a little mishap when I tried to bleach my hair today. I look like a carrot. This is why I should leave it to a professional....

That's one way to fix it!

So I tried bleaching my hair on my own. The roots are white as the fresh fallen snow, but the rest of it is still neon orange. I'm shaving my head

At least you can go back!

I have never tried bleaching my hair. And I did for the 1st time yesterday. And I hate it!  Friends keep telling me I'll get used to it. But I've already bought the dye to change it back.

Society or your hair dye?

So I tried to bleach my hair, left it in for 20 minuets longer then I was supposed to and it didn't change, when I try to change society doesn't let me..

Oh my...

I tried to die my hair blue once. Naturally I'm a dark blond. I tried to bleach my hair but that didn't really work. I still died my hair and bc of the yellow in my hair it turned green. FML...

We've all been there.

I tried to bleach my hair .. Ended up bleaching my clothes, arms and chair


The last straw.

I tried bleaching my hair from brunette to blonde, but it didn't take the bleach right and I can't redye it without turning my hair to straw.
 It's bright yellow.

That doesn't sound so bad!

Attempted to bleach streaks into my hair. 

Total fail! But hey, now it looks like fire kinda?

Sounds painful.

Attempted to bleach the hair on my arm and ended up bleaching my skin too...now I've got a large white patch on my tan arms 😩😭

Hard nope.

I attempted to bleach my hair at home last night because I was tired of the dark brown dye... it failed miserably... back to brown I go

At least they got a good laugh.

I asked my sister to bleach my hair last night. She completely missed several sections. I'm currently having my mom fix it. She can't stop laughing.

Not a good move.

I had to bleach my hair today but I ran out of gloves.
Now my fingers look weird. Oops.


I must learn not to bleach my hair on the day they are working on the water pipes. Having to wash your hair in the toilet is not fun


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