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The Struggle Is Real: I'm A Lesbian With Severe Baby Fever
For some women, there comes a point in their life where they get strong maternal urges. Their 'biological clock' starts ticking and all they can think about is babies. For lesbians, becoming a mother requires a few more steps than it does for fertile heterosexual women. This makes 'baby fever' for lesbians that much harder. These 17 lesbian women open up about how hard it can be when the desperate urge to have a baby strikes them.

It's best to talk with your partner before making drastic decisions.

I'm a lesbian with a girlfriend. I want a baby so badly, that I'm almost willing to cheat on my girlfriend by having sex with a guy just to have a baby.

It's hard when your hopes are already so high.

I'm lesbian in a great relationship. I've had baby fever for a year or so no. My friend was supposed to help donate, but now he's saying he has to think about it. I'm crushed.

Things don't usually comes easy.

I'm a 21 year old lesbian and I have baby fever like a crazy person. I just want to inseminate my wife already, but we have a LONG process ahead of ourselves.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Last night my baby fever hit an all time low. I spent the night dreaming about having sex with guys. I'm a gold star lesbian and repulsed by men.

Timing is everything.

I'm a 27 year old single lesbian and I have baby fever.
I feel like I'm missing prime time right now.


Me and my partner desperately want a baby, but a lesbian finding a CHEAP sperm donor is super hard these days.