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How Women Really Feel About Their Fake Engagement Rings
Your engagement is supposed to be about the love that you share as a couple. But still, the star of the show is always the engagement ring. For some women, a diamond is forever and is an important symbol of love. For others, the diamond doesn't hold as much importance. What would you do if you found out your ring wasn't a real diamond? These women found out, and here's how they responded.

You've found out your engagement ring is a fake, what now?

My gorgeous engagement ring is cubic zirconia. 

He doesn't know I know.
My bf bought me a 500$ white sapphire sterling silver ring. Went In to get it sized, they said they couldn't size it cause it's was fake costume jewlery. Either he's lying, or he got ripped off big time. My bet is that he got ripped off.

It can be an uncomfortable realization.

My fiancé bought me an engagement ring that was fake and only $40. I found out after it broke after only having it for 2 months
I found out my engagement ring is fake, I feel lied to, I'm so disappointed
My boyfriend bought be a cubic zirconia engagement ring. I don't know how I feel, I'm happy he's ready to take the next step but still bummed I didn't get a real diamond.
I just found out my 'diamond' in my engagement ring is just glass :(