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19 Shocking Secrets From Male Escorts
What is it like being a man who makes money pleasing women and even men? The world of male escorts is a bit lesser known than their female counterparts, but there are guys who make money doing it. These 19 men open up about their unusual method of making a living pleasing others. From the shocking stories to interesting learnings, here are there experiences.

There can be some scary situations.

I'm a male escort. A client's husband came home from out of town early... this led to me running down his driveway naked while being shot at.

Money can buy you a lot.

When I started being a male escort, I never pictured I'd have guy clients... but hey, I learned cash really does talk.

You learn a lot.

After spending two years as a male escort to bored rich women in Scottsdale, I learned a painfully simple truth. Women just want to feel appreciated. That's it.

It feels like you're living a double life.

Married for 16 years and working as a male escort for 10 years... Really should stop this lie and get a normal life...

Pretty sweet gig.

Being a male escort is the best. I get paid 6 figures a year just to hook up with mostly attractive milfs and cougars.

You do what you have to do.

I'm a male escort. It's rare but we still get calls. I still check myself frequently and always use a condom.