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Women Confess: I'm Pregnant And There's Something Wrong With The Baby
When you're pregnant, you want nothing but a healthy child. The worst news you can get from a doctor is that something is wrong with your baby. The uncertainty, the pain and fear can be consuming. The fact that your hormones are shooting out the roof doesn't help either. These women confess how it really feels when you hear such bad news from your doctor. It's anything but easy.

A joyous time ruined by such pain.

I found out I was pregnant on Thanksgiving. I just had my first ultrasound and they can't find a heartbeat. Worst Christmas ever.

SO scary.

Found out yesterday that my hcg (pregnancy hormone) levels are high. Today I had a sonagram and vaginal ultrasound, they won't tell me anything. I don't know if my baby is okay. I'm so scared... 💔

Oh no.

I'm 20w pregnant and just found out my baby might die. I feel like the world has stopped moving.

The worst news.

I'm pregnant and just found out the fetus will most likely have Down syndrome. I don't have the money or time to raise a disabled child, especially at my age. I've decided to abort.

Humans can only handle so much.

I lost my baby last year. I'm pregnant again now, but with all the complications. I'm afraid I'll lose this one too. My mental state is just hanging on a string.


Found out I am 12 weeks pregnant.
Got told something could be wrong with the baby putting he/she and myself is danger.
All in less than 6 hours.
What a day.