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Couple Confess: The Reasons Why I Get Cold Feet In My Relationship
Your significant other is everything you could want in a partner, and things seem to be going perfectly. So why does it feel like you're getting cold feet in the middle of all of it? These individuals get honest about the cold feet they're feeling in their relationships. Find out the real reasons why in these eye-opening confessions.

Is it just anxiety or something bigger?

How can you tell the difference between you’re overthinking your relationship and anxiety (cold feet) or it isn’t gonna work?

Commitment isn't for everyone.

I'm engaged and terrified. Being tied down is not my thing. He knows how I feel and blames it on cold feet. 
Truth is, I don't believe that any relationship I have can last longer than 5 years.

Too much too soon.

I'm having cold feet about dating this guy. I do like him a lot but it seems like we're just going too fast and he's still got so much baggage from his previous relationship. I don't like drama.

Can't make up your mind.

I've been in a relationship for more than 8yrs and I'm still having cold feet of making it a lifetime promise...

The struggle is real.

I'm getting cold feet about this new relationship even though I know he's a great guy and has never done me wrong... Why?!?

The future is scary.

I don't think I want to have kids. My fiancée is dead set on having a big family. Now that I'm trying to plan a wedding I'm second guessing our relationship. Cold feet I guess.