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Here's What Men Really Think About The #MeToo Movement
With all the recent sexual harassment claims against many men in power, the #metoo hashtag is on everyone's radar. Most people know someone who's publicly posted their own account, or unfortunately has done so themselves. The response to this movement is unbelievable and powerful. The majority of people speaking out are women. The majority of people being accused of harassment are men. it leaves many of us wondering, how do men feel about this movement? These men have spoken up and now we know how they really feel about it.

It's never too late to say sorry.

The #MeToo posts have made me realize that I've assaulted two women in the past and I'm one of the 'bad guys'. I feel so, so incredibly ashamed and really want to apologize to them.


I'm extremely supportive of the #metoo movement. 

So many things in the past could've happened differently if women were offered the same platform as us men.

Everything they do is taken into question.

I think #metoo is good to raise awareness.
However, as a male, I feel like we are undermined now.

Bro, this is why the movement exists.

I hate the #metoo trend. Women are their own worst enemy.

They just like to blame other people for their problems.


I get that #metoo is a girls' thing, but when I did it (I'm a man) I literally got death threats and people calling me the scum of the earth. 

That's a bit far don't you think?

It happens to everyone.


As a male (trans*) I see some people I've reached out to don't take me seriously given I am a guy. I also hear that it doesn't "happen to boys"