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17 Women Reveal How Tokophobia Affects Their Lives
While most would consider pregnancy to be nothing short of beautiful, there are people out there who think otherwise. Known as tokophobia, some women have a serious fear of pregnancy and childbirth as a whole both for themselves and for other women. Follow along as these individuals open up about their very real aversion to what's known as the miracle of life. They're not holding anything back as they share their brutally honest thoughts on pregnancy.

It's crippling.

My tokophobia is so bad I can barely function when I see anything pregnancy or baby related. I never want to experience pregnancy.

No kidding.

My tokophobia is making me depressed. I have 5 days until my due date and I'm absolutely terrified.

You'll do whatever it takes to avoid the miracle of life.

I have tokophobia. Even if I wanted kids, I’d still want a hysterectomy because pregnancy is disgusting and terrifying.

Thanks, but no thanks.

My cousin wanted to visit me today but I made excuses to say no because I don’t want to see her pregnant belly.
Tokophobia is real.

Pregnancy isn't for everybody.

I have tokophobia. I find pregnancy absolutely horrid and disgusting. 
I am serious when I say I'd rather die than go through childbirth.


I have tokophobia. Whenever I hear how wonderful pregnancy is and the bonding...I cringe so hard!