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21 People Confess How Getting A DUI Made Them A Better Person
DUI stands for "Driving Under the Influence" or "drunk driving." It's unfortunate to get a DUI but it can save your life and others. Even though at first it might be tough and it might seem that your world is falling apart from getting a DUI, most people tend to clean up and become a better person after. Just check out these confessions.

Life gets better

Crashed my car and got a DUI, knowing that I could have killed someone I checked myself into rehab and have been sober 5 months. Don't drink and drive.
My dui saved my life...and maybe even someone else's
I got a DUI this past weekend and I'm totally disappointed in myself. no more drinking for me.

Always see the bright side

I'm secretly glad I got my DUI two days ago. Now I can handle my addiction to alcohol, sober up, shed the people I don't need, and get my life together. 

Wish me luck
Got arrested last night for the first time. Charged for DUI. 

I don't make decisions like that, but I did once and it bit me.

Sometimes you just need an extra push

I got a DUI 4 years ago and it was the push I needed to get sober and be the father and husband I am now. The police made my life better and I still believe in them despite what I see on TV.
I got a DUI conviction last year and have been sober since. Im thankful for the officer who pulled me over...


I got a DUI a year ago and have changed my entire outlook on life since then. 

Today I'm 10 months sober. 

It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Public transportation = less stress

I got a DUI and was forced to use public transportation. I actually love not worrying about driving and its so much greener I think I'll keep using it even after my suspension is up!
2 years ago today I got a DUI for abusing my prescription meds. These specifically. 

Today I'm 22 months clean.

Realizing you need help is the first step

I let my entire life get away from me last night. I was arrested for DUI. This pain in my heart is so big. I've never been so disgusted and ashamed with myself. I need help...
I got 3 DUIs at 24 years old, I beat addiction and now have a successful career and a good foundation.

Oh well...

My wife smokes weed and I hate it. 
Got my buds cop friend to stop her. She tested positive and got a DUI. 
Now she's random tested, can't smoke. But we have $5,400 in fees. 

Life gets better

Last night I got a DUI and I have never been so disappointed in myself. Def a learning and life changing experience to put down the bottle

Safety first!

I got a dui about a year and half ago...... changed my life forever, I will no longer drive drunk or " buzzed" or even if I just had 1 beer...
When I was being arrested for a DUI, I thanked the officer for doing his job and keeping myself from hurting myself or somebody else.

Sometimes things happen for a reason

It's been 4 years since my DUI. I think it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Sitting in jail helped me realize I was wasting a promising life. My SR22 is over. I am grateful and relieved to tears that my mistake is behind me.
I got arrested last night, for dui slept in a jail cell. Ruined my clean record. I've never screwed up in my life. Feels like my life is over. Dont make the mistake I did. Thankfully no one got hurt.
I just saw the video footage of me at the police station being arrested for my DUI. I've been drinking since I was 12. After seeing myself in that video.. I QUIT. I've never seen myself like that, I looked like an idiot

A lesson well learned

I'm only open about my DUI, when my friends want to drink and drive. So I can prove to them it's not worth it. I messed up, they don't have to.


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