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"I Poisoned My Boyfriend Because I Thought He Cheated On Me. He Didn't"
Poison is a substance which can cause serious illness or death to the person who consumes it. The scariest part is that poison can be completely tasteless, so people don't always know when it is happening to them, until they get symptoms like difficulty breathing, vomiting, loss of muscle control, and disorientation. The reasons people poison other people (or general living things) are endless but always rooted in hate. Is it a safe thing to do just to make a point? Not at all. These confessions show the awful ways people poisoned others.

Come again?

I poisoned my best friend's fish. I hated the way she talked to them more than me.

Oh, no. This definitely could end up badly at the vet.

I poisoned my dog because I knew my family could not afford to provide for her let alone ourselves

So that it died?

I poisoned my roommates' weed plants they were growing in the apartment...

Wow, call 911.

I poisoned my boyfriend but he showed me his texts and he didn't cheat... Oops... Anyone know  any antidotes?

Could have let a professional handle it...

I poisoned and killed my friend's aggresive dog because it bit me and I had to go to the hospital again.

This is savage.

Once I rubbed my sisters toothbrush in Windex but she didn't notice that I poisoned her...

Visine is saline solution.

My secret is one time I poisoned my step mom with visine when I was 12 sorry not sorry she deserved it

Is there a criminal charge for this?

I got pregnant. He didn't want the baby so he poisoned my food to try and make me miscarry... I nearly died
I put poison ivy in my ex's pot.

Um, yes!

My bf realized his ex wife poisoned him years back, so bad his liver was failing...should he do something about it?

Why not just go talk to the neighbors?

I poisoned my neighbors beagle for barking all night...every night...
I poisoned my ex mother in laws cat and blamed it on her grand daughter because I hated her and she hurt my baby
I poisoned my primary school teacher by putting a large snot ball in her coffee while she wasn't looking..

Thankfully? Weren't you the cause of it all?

I watched a guy overdose and start seizing. my secret: I poisoned him.  (thankfully he survived)

Craziness at the office.

Someone stole my lunch at work so I put rat poison in it the next day and my bosses daughter got rushed to the ER

Attempted murder? Yikes.

I  put food poison in my moms drink multiple because I wanted her to die. She didn't die tho,  she lived. I haven't tried it again and they haven't found out.

Seems like not the best way to get someone's attention.

my parents love me more than my older sister. I know it hurts her so sometimes I put a lil bit of poison in her food so she gets sick. my parents fawn over her for days. she has no idea.

Whoa. So many people poison animals...

My neighbors dog barks all night so a few days ago I put out some rat poison and haven't heard him since...
I poisoned my violent ex boyfriends food and weed. Throwing up all night with a bad case of hives couldnt open his eyes cheap perfume sprayed n his weed lol

Scary. You might be regretful later.

I don't think I would feel any remorse if I poisoned the people I hate.


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