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15 Bouncers Reveal What Club Life Is Really Like
As a bouncer, you sometimes see the worst sides of people. From people trying to get into clubs to the drunk and belligerent, there's never a dull moment on the job. 15 real-life bouncers take you behind the velvet ropes to show you what bars and clubs are like from their perspective. You'll be shocked by some of the things they've seen.

Getting hit on is a perk.

I'm a bouncer at a bar and any night I don't get hit on I feel disappointed

Or an annoyance.

I'm a bouncer at a club. There is nothing I hate more than when a "woo" girl tries to drunkenly talk to me. 

I got a job to do, let me do it!

Don't test a bouncer's patience...

I'm a bouncer. If I see you doing drugs, I'll nicely ask you to leave, ONCE. If I ask you a second time, you definitely won't like it.

Sometimes things have to get physical.

Sometimes you have to slam someone on the ground so they decide they don't want to fight you anymore. Trust me, I'm a bouncer.

The struggle.

I'm a bouncer at a strip club and it's such a horrible tease having to watch all night and not touch.

If only it were possible.

I'm a bouncer, and I'm not allowed to hit on girls while I work... but there are so many I would like to say hi to.