We all have our own vices.

My mother is morbidly obese. Her health problems obviously affect the rest of our family. She's mad I smoke weed, but marijuana doesn't cut years from a life in the way that obesity does.

A sad reality.

My obese mother has been cat fishing different men for the last 20 years. She gets to escape from her life when she does this. Be careful who you talk to on the internet.

One day of normalcy would be nice.

My biggest fear is being morbidly obese like my father. I am always so anxious about my weight and I hate it.

A sweeter outlook.

Both my parents are fat. Their personalities stand out more than their weight in my memories. 
I was never affected by the way they look as a child.


My father is morbidly obese and can't move around well. He was an alcoholic and smoked for years too. It doesn't surprise me when he is hospitalized time to time again.


My dad is obese, but he is losing weight. He is now so judgmental of people who are smaller than what he used to be :/