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Heavy Matters: Teenagers Reveal What It's Really Like To Be Raised By An Obese Parent
Worrying about your parents never goes away. Whether your a child or an adult, you will always hope your parents are happy and healthy. Some health issues are easier to hide than others. When it comes to obesity, there is no hiding your issues. It's a problem that effects not only your health, but how people perceive you. It can be draining for the whole family. These people get real about how they feel about having a parent that is very overweight. The heartaches and psychological issues run deeper than you may assume.

Sometimes we fear we will become our parents.

I tell everyone I love my body and go to the gym to make it strong. In reality, I am terrified of becoming morbidly obese like my mother. I work really hard just to maintain my body as is.

A hard situation to be in.

I feel terrible that I'm losing sympathy for my mother. She's morbidly obese and is literally killing herself with food. Ever since I can remember she's been apathetic and negligent to herself.


I secretly hate morbidly obese people. My mother was morbidly obese and died from it. She could have done something about it and still be here today.

Fear is powerful.

My biggest fear is becoming morbidly obese like my mother. This phobia has gotten so bad I burn off double the calories I eat to prevent it.

There's a way to help.

My father is morbidly obese and isn't doing anything to deal with it. Now, I hide food or eat it just so he cant get to it.

Losing a parent is never easy.

Obese people shouldn't be allowed to have kids. My father died from obesity. I deserved a healthy dad to be there... not a man who couldn't control himself around a McDonald's.