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Parents Reveal The Worst Thing Their Kid Has Ever Done
Raising kids is no easy task. Sometimes children behave badly and do things so naughty that they're hard to believe. Whether it's saying something bad or ruined something expensive, you can never be sure what your child will do next. These parents share the worst thing their kids have ever done. After reading these confessions, you'll realize that all parents truly deserve a medal of honor. It really does take a village some days.

What a mess!

My son pooped on the beige carpeted floor and then tried to clean it up with dish soap and chocolate milk when he was potty training.

So bad!

My son once peed at a funeral. On the flowers near the casket...


My daughter told me I have an old vagina... on the train... very loudly...

Quite the collection.

Things foster kids have done in my house:
1. Stole $500 and passed it out at school
2. Went so berserk she had to be sedated 
3. Ate gum TWICE off the bottom of a table
4. Red sharpie on the new laptop


The first time my daughter ever saw a black guy in the store she said "look mommy that guys covered in chocolate" right infront of him

So gross!

Day of my wedding my daughter had diarrhea in my bed, with me sleeping next to her. It was on me including the bed.