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"Kids Made Fun Of Me For Having A Jewish Nose And Threw Pennies At Me"
For centuries, the Jewish community has suffered at the hands of others for its culture and beliefs. Although society has progressed much farther since the times of both the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust, antisemitism continues to exist today. However, this hatred has also trickled down into our very schools. These students show just a small glimpse of how much hatred a person can get because of being Jewish.

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Oh, antisemitism very much is still a thing.

A Jewish elementary school near my house received threats and had to evacuate. I didn't realize antisemitism was still such a big thing.

Children can be cruel.

I'm Jewish and people keep making Jew jokes at my school...it sucks

If only you had responded!

Today in school, a guy in my class told my friend that she is going to hell because she is a Jew. In my mind I retorted back with, "cool good to know. Do you want to pet me now to feel for my horns2?"

Wow, they made a pretty ignorant comment.

At school a student said learning the holocaust is stupid because none of us are Jewish...I'm a Jew.

Your nose is absolutely perfect.

I was bullied in school because of my "jew nose"

Feel proud! You got this.

I am a Jewish female. With all the new outbursts of antisemitism, I am afraid to tell people I am Jewish. I'm also afraid to apply to college because of this:/ I'm terrified to feel proud of who I am

Please be safe.

I am so scared. At my highschool there were a few incidents of white supremacy and antisemitism. My mom even told me not to walk alone....

At least the others will learn something.

I reported a case of antisemitism in my dorm. Now everyone hates me because the floor has to go to diversity/sensitivity training

If only people really knew how bad it could get.

It is terrifying that people truly believe that antisemitism is over, when teenaged Jews get pennies thrown at them in the halls.

And this was at a COLLEGE campus.

Extremist church group: "You look Jewish, I'll call you Jew Girl."
Me (yelling in the background): "Jesus was Jewish!"
This happened today at my college campus.

This is beyond unbelievable.

At school the other kids in my class make a lot of anti-Semitic comment and one day they took my arm and wrote a bunch of numbers on it in permanent marker. They also leave me out because I'm Jewish.

Oh, my, how the tables have turned.

I am a Jewish girl and I used to be bullied constantly in school for my faith, and for dressing modestly,
I felt so suicidal back then.
Today one of my bullies interviewed for a job at my company.

Those kids are terrible.

I hate my school it's full of anti semites who don't know I'm Jewish and I have to listen to them say stuff like "hail hitler''

Why can't people see how cruel those jokes are?

im literally one of the only jewish kids in my school and i have to hear holocaust jokes on an almost daily basis.

Oh, no.

I'm made fun of about being Jewish so much that I now take it as a joke. It secretly really make me sad, I'm starting a new school next year and I think I might just say I'm catholic.

When they realize the truth.

people at my school love mocking the holocaust because there aren't many jews. they assume i'm not jewish because of how i look. if they tell a joke i lean in, quietly tell them i'm jewish, and watch the light drain out of their eyes.

Bullying is never okay, especially in this situation.

I hate my school and the children in my class because everyone is bad and bullies me just because I'm Jewish

I'm just going to sip my tea.

In high school, a girl called me a dirty jew and said I wouldn't amount to anything. Fast forward, the state took away her kids because she doesn't take care of them. I'm happily married.

Oh, snap.

When I was in school, I got a detention from a teacher who was racist to me. After I had served it, I walked out and slapped her in the face. I'm not sorry. She called me a Jewish Dirtbag.

These kids' actions blow my mind.

I'm not excited for school, last year some kids made fun of me for having a Jewish nose and threw pennies at me.


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