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17 Awkward Breakup Confessions That Will Make You Appreciate The Single Life
"My boyfriend and I just broke up through text...while sitting on opposite ends of the couch"

I lost my virginity and got dumped the next day
I broke up with my boyfriend by changing my relationship status to single. It took him three days to see it.
My boyfriend broke up with me because I didn't "put out" and he's "not the type of guy to cheat."
I had a condom in my pocket and plans for that night.
Dodged that bullet.
I broke up with my girlfriend at a restaurant, she started crying. everyone thought I proposed and started clapping...
I got my boyfriend's name tattooed and wanted to suprise him on his birthday this Saturday. We broke up today.
My boyfriend and I just broke up through text..
While sitting on opposite end of the couch..
In the apartment we just got together a week ago..
When I broke up with my boyfriend, I was wearing donut pants. How I broke the news? "Look, I'm as straight as the donuts on my pants. I can't do this, anymore.."
My ex broke up with me for a girl he met online.
He traveled from Texas to NY to meet her.
Turns out her name is Patrick and she's a dude. So.
I broke up with my boyfriend. Apparently he thought the logical next step was to ask me to marry him. 
#man logic
Yesterday my BF and I broke up when I went to snapchat my friend about it I accidentally sent it to him it said: me and ____ broke up. He sends back: ya Ik.
Talk bout awkward
Soo..my boyfriend and I just broke up..and I live with his family..and we're keeping it quiet until I find a place to move..awkward
My boyfriend broke up with me and then the same day he took me back.
The next day he dumped me again...
Me and my boyfriend broke up but it's awkward because we have the same friend group
My ex wouldn't leave me alone after we broke up so I gave him a plastic ring and said "this diamond ring is as real as my love for you."

He got the hint after that.
My boyfriend broke up with me then today he kept hugging me and kissed my cheek. Like bro, no, either we're together or we're not. 
No in between!
I tell people I broke up with my boyfriend 
When really he broke up with me


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