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17 Awkward Breakup Confessions That Will Make You Appreciate The Single Life
"My boyfriend and I just broke up through text...while sitting on opposite ends of the couch"

I lost my virginity and got dumped the next day
I broke up with my boyfriend by changing my relationship status to single. It took him three days to see it.
My boyfriend broke up with me because I didn't "put out" and he's "not the type of guy to cheat."
I had a condom in my pocket and plans for that night.
Dodged that bullet.
I broke up with my girlfriend at a restaurant, she started crying. everyone thought I proposed and started clapping...
I got my boyfriend's name tattooed and wanted to suprise him on his birthday this Saturday. We broke up today.
My boyfriend and I just broke up through text..
While sitting on opposite end of the couch..
In the apartment we just got together a week ago..