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Think Homeless People Are Too Lazy To Work? Think Again.
Have you ever heard someone say homeless people are lazy? That they should just get a job? That they should stop taking handouts? Now have you ever considered how difficult it must be to get a job when you don't have a place to shower? Finding a job when you're homeless is harder than you could imagine. Here are their struggles.

People often assume homeless people are lazy.

I have a job interview in the morning. Please send me good vibes. I need this job to help my mom out and not be homeless! Thank you!

That they don't want to find work.

I was homeless after graduating from college until I found a job and got my first two paychecks, so I lived out of my car and showered at the gym. I was the fittest bum I knew.

Or that they're lazy.

I'm grateful for my brand new subsidized apartment. Plus my food assistance and cash too. If not for that I would be homeless and starving. I'm a single mom of two and I'm trying to get a job its hard

But it's simply not true.

My friend is adopting my son, I'm homeless, have been trying to get a job, a place to live, and I just can't drag my son around the street as he deserves better. He deserves a better life.

Many homeless people are trying their hardest to find a way to survive.

Do they give welfare to students? I'm about to be homeless and I can't find work.

But it's not as easy as it sounds.

Telling homeless people to get a job is so stupid. You try getting hired with no address or phone number.