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True Life: My Boyfriend Likes To Cross-Dress
Fashion is how many of us express ourselves. Whether it is in private or in public, our style says a statement about us on the inside. For some men, dressing like women is their way of express themselves. Cross-dressing has nothing to do with sexual preference. In fact, many male cross-dressers are straight. Their girlfriends can tell you all about it. These confessions show what it's really like to date a man who likes to dress like a lady.

Caught red handed.

I caught my boyfriend wearing my clothes and heels. He admitted he likes to cross dress, but prefers to keep it secret.

We're going shopping tomorrow for clothes for "me."

We all have our secrets.

I know my boyfriend cross dresses, but he hasn't told me himself yet. 

It's killing me knowing his secrets without him telling me them.

It's no contest, girl!

I love when my boyfriend cross dresses for me, but he just does it so well that I feel inferior.

We all have our limits.

My boyfriend is a cross dresser. I can't see past it, I tried.

It's a family matter now!

5 kids found out that my boyfriend cross dresses and they love him even more because of it. I love getting to watch how accepting they are of him.


My boyfriend is a cross dresser. I watched a man hit on him for 15 minutes before realizing that he wasn't a woman.

his face = priceless