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21 Unexpected Reasons Women Got Pregnant On Purpose
Have you ever wondered why some women decide to get pregnant? Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting a child, but some reasons can be a bit more shocking than others. These 21 women aren't holding anything back as they share why they purposely got pregnant. From baby-trapping men to wanting to be on Teen Mom, here's everything that went on in their heads.

Surrogacy helps others.

I'm 17 and I got pregnant so my aunt could finally be a mom.

15 minutes of fame.

I got pregnant so I could be on Teen Mom. I'm a huge fan of the show but it didn't work.

Definitely interesting timing.

I purposely got pregnant so I could enjoy my dad's excitement of being a grandpa before he passed away of terminal brain cancer. My boyfriend still thinks it's a coincidence.

Be careful what you wish for.

I got pregnant so my boyfriend would marry me. It worked. Now I wish I weren't married.

At least you have someone for support.

I got pregnant because I was jealous of my pregnant best friend. She's excited to have someone to go through pregnancy with her.

That's definitely one way out.

I purposely got pregnant so I wouldn't have to deploy to Afghanistan with my messed up Unit.