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18 Confessions That Prove Dating As An Atheist Can Be A Serious Struggle
Not believing in religion doesn't mean you don't believe in finding love.

When you're messaging me and are inquiring about dating, if I say I'm an atheist, replying with a "we can work on that" is the incorrect answer. 
I'm an atheist, and have declined dating guys who are super religious. When I tell them it's because I'm currently seeking a life partner who shares my values, I get called a close-minded bitch....
I've gotten really tired of women thinking that because I'm an atheist, I'm a bad person and not worth dating. It's such a load of shit!
I'm an atheist and I hate that it pushes people of other religions away, especially when it comes to the dating scene.
The guy I was dating just broke up with me because I'm an Atheist I couldn't care less what he believed why couldn't he do the same for me?😖🙍🏼
I wish religion was never a thing.
Dating a Mormon as an atheist is probably the most stressful/tearfilled thing in the world
I'm an atheist and I'm dating a strong Christian...it's hard sometimes
It's hard dating as a none believer. 
As soon as I tell girls I'm an atheist it's like if I told them I sacrifice children for satan.
I'm a good, I promise lol
I'm an Atheist and whenever a girl mentions God or Jesus Christ on their online dating profile, it's an automatic "no" for me.
I'm an atheist dating a Christian. I hate my partner every time they go to church. It lessens my trust in them to be so easily guided by a story book.
I'm an Atheist. 
Dating a Jehovah's witness.
Did I mention were both men?
Makes for interesting dinner table talk.
Dating as an atheist is hard as fuck. 
Girls either want to date in order to "save" me or they stop talking to me all together once they find out.
As an atheist, it's really hard to find a guy who appreciates my more conservative dating values 
(monogamy, no one night stands, not expecting sex on the first few dates, etc)
As an atheist, I'm okay with dating someone religious. Until they try to "save" me. Then they gotta go.
As an atheist I find dating to be one of the most painful and disappointing aspects of life.
I wish girls could look past the fact that I'm atheist when dating. I don't care what you believe as long as you're a good person. I'm not going to ask you to change your beliefs.
I'm atheist and I struggle dating men that are religious. No matter how much they tell me it won't be an issue, I don't believe them.
Changed my online dating profile to say I'm Mormon so I can find dates in Utah County. I'm atheist and feel dirty now.


This Is What It's Really Like To Date An Atheist When You're Religious