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I'm A Parent And Let My Underage Kids Drink Alcohol At Home
Countries around the world have varying laws as to at which age a person is legally allowed to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. While our European counterparts allow those above 16 to drink wine and beer, all alcohol is prohibited until one reaches 21 in the United States. However, that doesn't mean everyone follows the law. Behind closed doors, some parents allow their teenage offspring to have a few sips of alcohol to get a taste. Where is the limit defined? Does this serve a greater purpose? Get ready to hear more from the parents who let their kids drink at home and the kids who do the drinking.

An adult making adult decisions.

My parents both came from different cultures and in their countries there isn't an age limit, so it was completely natural for them to allow me to drink at home. Now I'm 21 and ik when I've had enough

Hmm, interesting.

A lot of my friends parents did this and they all have become the most responsible drinkers I know. I think it is a really smart idea it teaches them how to handle alcohol and not get completely drunk

Got it out of your system.

There's a reason I didn't drink at college. I had already done it in the safe environment of my own home.

Never thought about it like that.

I agree with you. That's what my parents did with me. They said if I'm old enough to carry a gun and defend the country then I'm allowed to have a few drinks. Now I know my limits as a 21 year old.


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