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21 Cringeworthy Slang Words Little Kids Won't Stop Saying
Kids say the darndest things. While parents do their best to shelter their children, that doesn't always stop their kids from picking up some shocking behavior--slang being one of those behaviors. These 21 people share the surprising things that kids said to them in conversation. From funny moments to cringeworthy sayings, find out what went down in these confessions.

Oh no.

I asked my 3 year old son how day care was, his response was Mommy it was lit... I'm scared for this generation

Hurts to hear it.

My son (6) says lawlz when he laughs. It make me cringe but I still laugh about it.
My daughter(5)talks in text and that makes me cry inside.

No kidding.

My 10 year old sister: omg my eyelashes are on fleek 

Me: did you really just say that?

Social media is poisoning the young.

What are you supposed to do?

My son is mad because his sister is, quote,  "throwing shade." How do I parent this.


I just asked my daughter if she wanted a sip of my pumpkin spice latte and she said, "No mommy. I'm not basic." What.


Conversation between my 6 year old sister and my dad:
Sis: Jenny and Sarah broke my toy
Dad: ohh what are you gonna do about that
Sis: dab on 'em

I Can't 😂😂😂