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What These Women Really Think About Men Who Are Uncircumcised
Do women prefer cut or uncut when it comes to a guy's member? While the topic seems insignificant, women have some pretty strong preferences between one of the other, as these people show. Follow along as they weigh in with their opinions on uncircumcised men. Here's what they had to say.

Some women have an issue with uncircumcised men.

When guys are uncircumcised, it looks so ugly and gross. Sorry but I don't want a turtleneck to go inside me.

Does pleasure increase?

Guys who are uncircumcised arouse me more than not because they feel more pleasure and I love pleasuring men.

You can't get over the looks of it.

I can’t sleep with guys who are uncircumcised. Just looking at an uncircumcised penis creeps me out.

Definite deal breaker.

I wont sleep with uncircumcised guys. A guy could be a 10 until he takes his pants off and I see that he's uncircumcised. Not my thing.

Is cleanliness an issue?

I really prefer circumcised guys. Both uncircumcised guys I was going to sleep with were disgusting. Totally unclean.

However, not every woman has a negative opinion about them.

I prefer uncircumcised guys. That's a rare delicacy in America. So if I find it I try to savor it lolol