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Couples Confess: Our Open Relationship Ruined Us
When you change your relationship from monogamous to open, things will change. Whether it's for the better or for the worse, the relationship dynamic will either improve or truly bring out the issues you already have. For these couples, they regret opening their union to other people. These confessions reveal why making it an open relationship only ruined these couples.

So heartbreaking.

I regret opening our marriage. I lost my best friend. He fell in love with one of the girls he was playing with.

10 years wasted.

Not a great realization.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant, and it's ruined my open relationship with my Fiancé... I don't know if we're able to work without it. I'm realizing it's why I am still with him.

A recipe for distaster.

I think I love my boyfriend more than my husband. Having an open relationship was a mistake.


Our open relationship worked until I got the clap....

Interesting outlook.

Me and my ex tried an open relationship and it ruined our relationship. In spite of that I still think being poly makes more sense than traditional dating.

Makes sense.

Being in an open relationship ruined my marriage, but it did make for great sex.