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If You Can't Text First, You Probably Have Texting Anxiety
Don't go silent on me

My best friend in high school ended our friendship because he thought I was "too clingy". Now I'm terrified to text first or call people unless it's an emergency.
I don't like texting first because I feel like I'm a bother to people
When people don't text back I get so much I bugging you? are you mad at me? are we even friends? why do I care so much?
I am the most anxious person. If you don't text me back within ten mins I'm pretty positive you hate me and have a hit man out on me.
I take like 15 minutes to respond when I'm texting. And it's not even that I'm busy, I just panic for like 10 minutes before I send a text.
Am I the only one who just despises texting? I just hate the anxiety of it all. I love speaking face to face because the thoughts and emotions are more clearly understood.