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Men Tell All: This Is Why I'm Against Feminism
"As a guy, I used to support feminists, but the movement has become too radical."

As an MRA, I try to get more women followers then men. Because I feel women make stronger allies,  not because they're smarter. But because their voice isn't silenced like men's.
You say being an MRA makes me a misogynist.

Just like being a feminist makes you a misandrist. 

Men have work to do, don't get in our way.
I hate that feminists no longer remember that feminism is equal treatment between men and women. They seem to think women>men. Which is why I'm a MRA
I'm an MRA. Not because I want to dominate women, but because I'm sick of girls crying over the word "bossy" being taken more seriously than male rape victims.
I hate the word "feminism", not because I'm a guy. It's more because the definition has changed. It drives me insane. I love this other word though. It's called EQUALITY.
I'm a guy. I feel like most people don't know what being feminist means. It's not about male shaming or female entitlement. It's equality. I'm all for equality, but modern feminism isn't that.