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Men Tell All: This Is Why I'm Against Feminism
"As a guy, I used to support feminists, but the movement has become too radical."

As an MRA, I try to get more women followers then men. Because I feel women make stronger allies,  not because they're smarter. But because their voice isn't silenced like men's.
You say being an MRA makes me a misogynist.

Just like being a feminist makes you a misandrist. 

Men have work to do, don't get in our way.
I hate that feminists no longer remember that feminism is equal treatment between men and women. They seem to think women>men. Which is why I'm a MRA
I'm an MRA. Not because I want to dominate women, but because I'm sick of girls crying over the word "bossy" being taken more seriously than male rape victims.
I hate the word "feminism", not because I'm a guy. It's more because the definition has changed. It drives me insane. I love this other word though. It's called EQUALITY.
I'm a guy. I feel like most people don't know what being feminist means. It's not about male shaming or female entitlement. It's equality. I'm all for equality, but modern feminism isn't that.
Yes I'm a MRA. No, I don't hate women
I wasn't a thing till one day a feminist told me I sucked because I'm a guy. Now I'm still not really anything but if I was, I'd be anti-feminist.
I used to support feminism, as a guy, I believe in complete equality, but the movement has gotten so radical, it's hard to voice support.
As a guy, I don't really understand what is the definition of feminism because all I see is feminist women want rule the world over men and men fight against other men in the name of feminism.
I have gotten more shit for being an anti-feminist than I ever have for being gay.
Chivalry is dying because Feminism is killing it.
I need meninism because feminists can't be taken seriously
Every feminist I've ever met has had a superiority complex and has assumed I'm male because I don't support feminism. Isn't it funny how they fight for 'equality' but they make assumptions like that?
I hate feminism as it hurts gender equality by constantly highlighting the differences between men and women.
I hate 3rd wave feminism so much. I have had so many false accusations by these feminists because I'm a man. Some girl on here literally just called me a rapist when I have done nothing. Hate it
Feminism is not about equality.  It's about women over men.  Men are sexist nowadays for holding a damn door open for a woman. *Grabs whip and hits self* " I'm sorry I'm white I'm sorry I'm a man!! "
If feminism is about equality, and I'm a man, and I say I don't like feminism, why am I called sexist? Women have it better than men in some cases too.
I find it weird that feminists I know judge women on their clothing as if there is a specific way to dress.I thought feminism was about being yourself, but I'm a man so it's apparently not my business
I'm a man, and I've been abused by my ex gf..told this to these feminists and they started laughing at me..


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