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19 Post Break-Up Tales That Will Leave You Cringing
Breaking up is hard. No matter the circumstances, it can cause you to act out emotionally and do some stuff you may regret later. These people can recall the crazy thing they did after a break up that they really wish they didn't do today. From words they can't take back to items they've caused damage to, these confessions will leave you cringing.

Why would you want to be reminded of him?

In a weaker state, I named the dog I got post break up after my ex. I want to change his name but it's been years now!

Nice try.

I told my ex I was pregnant after he dumped me, just to see if it would maybe bring us back together. 

Love can make you do some foolish stuff!

That's what friends are for!

I listened to Adele in my boxers for 3 days straight after my ex dumped me. My friends had to drag me out of the house.

Live and learn.

Really regret leaving my ex a love note through his moon roof after we broke up. It said, "I still love you." I can't believe I was so desperate to have his lying ass back!

A messy way to end things...

I got so high I pooped in my ex's bed after we broke up. I guess I figured it was "revenge" at the time....wow am I embarrassed.

Love is a hell of a drug.

I sang "Hello" into the voicemail of my ex boyfriend a month after we broke up. Yeah, he was a hard one to get over...