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17 Confessions From Singles: I Sued My Ex And WON
Breaking up is never easy, but sometimes things can go from bad to worse. What is it like suing someone you were once in a loving relationship with? These 15 people added some extra salt to the breakup wound with a lawsuit to boot. Find out how it all went down in these shocking confessions.

Breakups can get even more complicated when you decide to sue them on top of it.

My ex & I had a failing relationship.  Plan....get help & pay down each other's debt. She signed a new apt lease & a month later she bailed. I was stuck with lease. I sued her for 12k.

Going to court is intimidating.

I'm suing my ex for stealing my ps4. Going to the courthouse now for the court date. I nervous AF.


My ex bf maxed out my credit card so I'm suing him. I can't believe he did that to me.


I sued my ex husband in court because whilst he was cheating on me, he gave me herpes. I won ✌🏻

Money can be a big factor.

My ex is saying rotten things about  me. She thinks she can bully me. but little does she know as soon as our case is settled I'm suing her for defamation of character . Might as well drain as much money as possible

Who says you can't put a price on pets?

My ex gf killed my dog. But its okay, I sued her for $300.