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15 Secrets That Delivery Drivers Want You To Know
Delivery drivers work hard to make sure you get the meals you ordered to your doorstep in a timely manner. They save their customers the hassle of having to leave the house to find food. And yet, these customers often take advantage of their services. Delivery drivers rely on additional tips from customers to make enough money to survive, but not every customer leaves a tip. In the customer's mind, a tip would mean that the server provided something difficult and complicated. How hard is it to drive to a house and drop off a pizza? But just remember, these drivers do rely on the couple of dollars you decide to throw their way. It may not seem like the hardest job in the world, but these drivers do put up with a lot.

Take notes, other drivers...

I get really good tips being a delivery driver by pretending I really love their animals. Secretly I hate animals.

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food.

I'm a delivery driver who just delivered to a wake...

Pizza is normally a happy occasion, so this was awkward

Whatever works, right?

I made $90 in tips tonight as a delivery driver by wearing a deep V neck

Maybe he wasn't prepared for you at that exact moment...

I'm a pizza delivery guy. I had a customer get mad because I delivered his pizza 15 minutes earlier than expected. Who gets mad at that?

Pizza tastes good, no big deal.

I'm a delivery driver and my biggest pet peeve is people telling me why they ordered pizza. Like dude relax. I'm not judging.

Point taken...

As a delivery driver if we deliver to you and you don't tip at least flash us. Give us something to talk about