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Confessions From 20 Straight Guys Who Went Gay For Pay
Can you be a straight man and go gay for pay? While some would argue that the act of having sexual relations with the same sex is an indicator of one's sexuality, others would say that that is not the case. In these 20 confessions, straight men admit that they have or currently do go gay for pay. From the lure of money to simple enjoyment, find out what they had to say in these scandalous confessions.

Money can buy anything.

I've done gay for pay, a rich older man in Dallas used to pay me to stay the night at his uptown loft. Champagne, and cocaine, & him doing with me as he pleased. He outlasted 3 of my girlfriends.

All that matters.

I'm a straight guy but I'm also a gay porn star.
I think about my girlfriend and the money I make before each scene.


I'm a straight married man, who does gay porn. I started in straight porn, but it's terrible money. I make 4 times as much for a gay scene than I do in a straight scene.

Haters gonna hate.

I'm a straight man who goes gay for pay. I'm confident in my sexuality despite what people say about me.


I'm a gay porn star but I'm 100% straight. In fact, 95% of the people I work with are as well and we need to see our partner or watch straight porn to perform. Gay porn just pays more.

It's not something you want others knowing about.

I'm a gay for pay straight boy and I just did my first gay DVD. I hope my ex gf does hear about it.