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17 Honest Confessions From Plus Size Models
What is it like working in the modeling industry as a plus-sized model? While plus-sized models have been gaining recognition in recent years, they still face criticism and backlash from people both in and out of the industry. These 17 women talk about their modeling careers, highlighting the struggles of working as a plus-sized model. Read on for their insightful confessions.

These 20 women are sharing their struggles as a plus-sized model.

I'm a plus-size model. We can't just eat whatever we want. We have to watch our figure just as much as regular models.
I do plus size modeling on the side but slowly stopped when I started working at that horrible job. Called my old agent and I can't wait to get a new gig. Ready to be me again.
Plus size modeling is cool and all but I prefer my shape before I gained 50lbs.
I'm a plus size model and I love it...it is so cool best job I ever had

It's a tough industry.

As a plus size model, I've seen and heard women of all sizes tear each other down. We need to build each other up in confidence. Stop being so judgmental and help another love themselves ❤️
I'm 145 lbs with a toned stomach and 26" waist. I just completed my first gig as a plus sized model because I'm "curvy". They had to pin the clothes at the back. This industry is deceitful as hell.
I'm a plus size model... secretly I hate the industry. But someone has to show that it's okay to have curves.
I'm a plus size model; someone said that I'm a disgrace to the modeling world. But like I make more in a week than you do in a year.

Self-confidence is difficult in an industry where image is everything.

I'm a plus sized model. Truth is: I'm ashamed of the "plus sized" part.
It's official I'm a  plus size model now hopefully it makes me feel better about my body
I hate being referred to as a "plus size model" i find the term so pejorative
I've just been offered a modeling contract as a plus size model....I'd be flattered if it wasn't for the fact that I'm trying to lose weight :/
I'm scared to tell people that I do plus sized modeling
I'm a plus size model but I really wish I was skinny!!!
I'm a plus size model, although I get recognized for my body and being beautiful, I still have low self esteem and hate my body and I wish I just had confidence and love for myself.

Being plus sized doesn't mean unhealthy.

I used to be insecure about my weight to the point where I almost exercised myself to death. Now that I'm a plus size model, I live a healthy lifestyle and I've learned to love my extra pounds!
They called me fat and ugly. 
Now I'm a plus size model!
Their words pushed me down for the better!
Even though I'm a plus size model, I still feel like the "fat friend"

Don't worry about the haters.

I did plus size modeling. 
I have never felt so accepted.
i used to hate myself because i was fat. now i'm a well known Plus Size model in the industry. Jokes on you all the guys who left me because i was bigger 🖕🏼


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