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Lesson Learned: What Cheating Really Teaches Couples
Almost everyone has either been cheated on, has cheated, or knows someone who has. It happens every day, and for many different reasons. There is always a lesson to be learned from it, whether it's that you don't want to be with your partner anymore or that you truly do love them and don't actually want anyone else. These confessions prove that life is a series of learning from your mistakes.

Know what you deserve.

Cheating on my boyfriend made me realize that he hasn't been treating me well.
I never realized what it felt like to be treated with respect until I met the man with whom I'm cheating on my husband. Yes, I realize the irony.
I cheated on my abusive ex-husband. My lover taught me one of the best lessons of my life: I'm an amazing, worthy woman. 
I never regretted cheating.

Realize what you have and be thankful for it.

I cheated on my husband with another married man. Never cheated on him at all and I won't ever again. The grass is NOT greener on the other side. I learned my lesson. Appreciate what you have.
After cheating on my boyfriend a while back I realized there is no one in the world that I'd rather be with.  its was a learning experience.
Cheating on him made me realize that I was taking him for granted all this time and I regret that

You might have tastes you didn't know about.

I cheated on my wife the other night. It was the best sex I have had in years. Also, I learned I love redheads.
cheating on my husband with his coworker made me realize what I'm missing

Sometimes it makes your feelings so much clearer.

As horrible as it sounds, cheating made me realize how much I truly love my boyfriend, if I hadn't done it I would have always wondered "what if"
I'll never tell him I cheated. I learned so much from it though. 

Main thing is that I have an incredible man and I really do love him.

It ruins trust for life.

Lesson learned. Cheating on my wife with men has taught me that I may never be able to trust another person completely in another relationship. Karma. I know.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

I cheated on my girl because she cheated on me (I'm a girl) I told her and described what I did in detail....
I learned that 2 wrongs don't make a right but that for damn sure got us even

You might learn a trick or two.

I cheated on my boyfriend last night. I learned so many new positions. Just wish my boyfriend was more sexually adventurous.
Cheating on my wife taught me something very important. 

She's even worse in bed than I thought

You might realize it's time to end things.

After cheating on my husband I've realized I want a divorce for sure. I'm no where near happy with him and I feel so alone...
Once I cheated on him I realized I had to end it. I don't understand how people can cheat guilt free.

Every action has consequences.

Got caught cheating on someone that I was already cheating with. Losing the best sex and man I've ever had. Learned my lesson and karmas definitely a bitch.
I cheated on my husband.

 lesson learned: an hour of fun can be a lifelong burden. 

I cheated on my boyfriend and got the clap   My boyfriend keeps asking me y I'm not in the mood i just don't want him to get it. I will never cheat on any one ever again lesson learned

You might discover commitment just isn't for you.

I cheated on one boyfriend, learned my lesson, and now I just don't do relationships or I break up with them before I sleep with someone else.


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