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True Life: I Hate That All My Friends Are Poor
Money makes the world go round. While there are plenty of fun things you can do without dropping a dime, a lot of entertaining activities cost money. People who have a lot of money and want to blow cash on rich experiences find themselves hitting a wall when they realize all of their friends are too poor to join. While personal wealth shouldn't determine who you can and can't be friends with, rich people are having a frustrating time enjoying life by themselves without friends with funds to join them.

There is a harsh reality in realizing doing fun things cost money.

I want rich friends so that I don't go out alone because all of my friends are poor.

Flaky friends are the worst.

All my friends are poor and bail last minute. It makes me so mad at them for ditching me.

Need a lifestyle change immediately.

I want friends who aren't cheap and have money to burn and like going places, just like me. I'm sick of being hit up for cash and expected to pay for friends who are poor.

So much for birthday fun.

I'm so sad. My birthday is this week and I have nothing and no one to celebrate it with. All my friends are too poor to go out.

It's no fun hanging out by yourself.

I have these great plans for the weekend; however, all my friends are poor- and it's my weekend off!!

First world problems.

Not bragging but it's so hard to be richer than my friends. I want to dine out but no one can accompany me unless I pay for them. This is getting so tiring.