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Guys Tell All: We're Offended When Women Insult Our Bodies, Too
Though men are raised to be strong and to show little to no emotion at all times, it turns out they have the same feelings when it comes to body image as women do. Men whose body types are that of a larger size get the same fat-shaming comments that their female counterparts receive. For someone who is battling overeating or body image issues, being reminded of how unhealthy you look isn't always a motivator to get in shape. Sometimes, it can ruin a person.

Hide your true feelings behind sarcasm.

Some girl called me fat and said I was an elephant in a circus. I responded with, "What would a circus be without clowns!" I gestured to her and her friends. As a guy, her comments still hurt though.

This girl might be dropping hints...

We've been dating for over a year but my girlfriend still makes jokes about my weight. I laugh it off, but I'm starting to think she's unhappy with me.

Words have a powerful effect.

The girl I liked called me fat and I feel disgusting. I know as a guy we're not supposed to show emotion, but her comments make me hate myself.

Sometimes, less is more.

A girl told me I had a hot face, but my body ruined any chances I could have with her.  She could have just said no when I asked her out she didn't need to insult me.

One comment can make people lose respect for you.

Today, this girl I've known for 2 years said I was fat and said I looked like a drug addict. I've actually never been called either. I feel so disrespected and used to think she was beautiful.


I was once hooking up with a girl and she stopped me half way and said my weight was turning her off. It was a real mood killer and made me reevaluate my life.